Which is better Antivirus / Antimalware for Windows 10

In earlier days of windows, antivirus was something you have to worry about. Ever since windows 8, Microsoft had provided us with Microsoft Security essential better known as Windows defender. When it comes to protecting your device from viruses and malwares, which is better ? Antivirus or Anti-malware.

In this post we are going to help you decide, which security is better for you.

Using both


If we talk about antivirus, they are not capable of securing your device form all kind of threats out there. Something like spyware, potentially unwated programs and ransomeware. Using the combo of both antivirus and anti-malware can help you tighten the things and they can make sure that your computer is protected against all odds.

Now moving on the free side of things. If you are running latest version of Windows ( Windows 10 ), it comes with Windows Defender. In our opinion it is a really good security program. It will automatically runs the scans and get the updates through system update.

Windows defender has lot of advantages. It is built in and it will not harass you with pop-up notification or ask you upgrade if you are using a free version. It is also very light weight and doesn’t affect the performance of the device. It will also not change your browser settings , like many antivirus do. Where they will set up the custom home page and load your browser with heavy extensions and add-ons.

Windows defender is really good antivirus if you keep your windows up-to date. You are using a up-to date browser and avoid installing unwanted software or extension on the browser.

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Now moving on to the other side of the story, who likes to keep their computer fast and clean. We would highly recommend you to get an premium antivirus. There are many good antivirus to choose from. We have listed some of them below

  1. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 
  2. Kaspersky Antivirus
  3. AVG Internet Security
  4. McAfee Total Protection
  5. MalwareBytes Antimalware

So here are list of top antivirus recommended by us. If you like to make sure that, the computer is amazingly secure. Couple any antivirus with Malwarebytes and you will be good to go

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