Top Workout Apps to Get You Back in Shape

One of the hardest thing (not only related to workout) is follow a routine and workout is probably the hardest of them all. For me personally, I have joined the gym many times but could keep up with it :P. Now when it comes to having a good physique, everyone wants it. There is nothing wrong in being fit and looking attractive. Studies have found that, people who like to stay healthy and fit usually have higher self confidence. In this post we have combined some of the best workout apps. These apps can help you in tracking your goals and are good alternatives to the personal trainer. So if you want to get back in shape and wants to flaunt your summer body this post is just for you.


30 Day Fitness Challenge

This is app for those guys, who are looking getting back into shape and are short in time. As the name suggests, this is 30 day challenge , which will help you in burning fat, building muscle and getting back in shape. There are many exercises to choose from, it could be a full body workout or a certain part of body which you want to tone. This app also have animated videos which will let you know about the exercise. Apart from that, you can do all workout at home without any gym equipment. This app has both free and pro ad free version.

Download Link – Android / iOS


Fitness & Bodybuilding

Fitness & bodybuilding is kind of whole package deal. This is well suited for pro users who are familiar with basic exercises. You can design your custom workout plan and workout accordingly. Additionally this app also has comprehensive workouts with video support. So if you want to reveal those 8-pack or want to work on your wings, this app can help you with that. Since this app is focused on pro demographics, you will require gym equipment for most of the exercises. In other words you can sum this app as your personal trainer.

Fitness & Bodybuilding has both free but in-app purchases would allow access to some additional workout videos.

Download Link – Android / iOS



Sowrkit is highest rated workout app on both iOS and Android. If you can afford to pay some money, this maybe the best workout app available right now. Sworkit has easy to follow programs ranging from beginner to pro. There are workouts based on your environment. If you can not go to the gym this app has workouts on that as well. It has short animated videos on each and every exercise you may think of. Apart form that, sworkit has amazing UI and it is very intuitive. You can also create your own customized workout. Some features are free on the app  but if you can afford $59/year it is worth a shot.


Download Link – Android / iOS



Jefit is one of the best exercise application. It has the database of more than 1300 workouts. You can choose from built in routine or you can create your own custom workout routines. You can also track your progress with the help of this app. This app also has a social mode, where you can connect with your friends and see their progress. Beside all these feature it also has animated exercise tutorials. However if you want video tutorials, you have to signup with yearly plan. Apart from sworkit this is yet another promising app available for both Android and iOS.


Download Link – Android / iOS


Nike + Training Club

Nike + is yet another great application for health enthusiast out there. Nike has done an amazing job in making this application. It has mainly four categories including Yoga, Strength, Endurance, and Mobility.  Nike + has over 150+ exercises which you can download on your device. This pp is great if you are a beginner and wants to kick starts things. This app is available for both Android and iOS for free.

Download Here – Android / iOS 

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