How To Find Duplicate Files and Free up Space in Windows Computers

Every operating system has its advantages and share of problems, and I am not talking only about the computer operating systems. If we take a look into mobile operating systems there are many shortcomings here and there. Now coming on to the main topic of duplicate files it is common on all the operating systems. Having duplicate files on a device can eat up the valuable space and may result in slowing down your device. Some problems are occurred during the development of the system and they usually gets fixed by the updates or the quality control. But if a problem is generated by the user, these kind of problems tends to come later on.

If you take a look at the computer you are using, you would find some duplicate files which have no purpose beside eating up the space. Now when it comes to the windows computers, it doesn’t come with any feature which can help you. And if you are planning to do this manually it can take forever. Luckily there are many capable programs which can do the job for you. In this list we have complied some of the best duplicate files finder for windows.


Easy Duplicate Finder


This is one of the best premium solution to get rid of the duplicate files from you system. It can easily filter songs, images, documents, video files and can work with the structure of Google drive and Dropbox. It offers various scanning modes and compare file by name, content and size. It also has a wizard mode which makes it much more easier. This software will cost you $39.99 for single license and can work with windows XP ( If you are still using it) to Windows 10. They also have a Mac version of the software. However if you dont want to pay $39.99, you can download the demo version and get rid of the duplicate files available on your device.

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Demo Version



XYplorer isn’t just a duplicate file finder, it a file manager utility with lots of tricks. XYplorer has rather different approach when it comes to finding the duplicate files. It can list the files by name, size, content, date and modified tag, which makes it easier to determine the duplicate files all together. You can also use between MD5 and byte by byte comparison to make sure you are not deleting any original files.  This utility will cost you $39.95, beside that, they also have an free trial which you can use to eliminate the duplicate files. They used to have a free version but it is no longer available.

Free Trial


Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

This utility is completely free that offers same kind of solution. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is rather clean looking software, which presents duplicate files from the specific folder. It makes it easier to identify and get rid of the duplicate files. There are various search parameters you can define, including file type, size, date and modified. There is only MD5 method, you can not use byte to byte method in this software.




Clonespy is  a free utility, although it may look like it is from the windows XP days but despite its interface. Clonespy does a great job. This works on the same way as the paid software would do. Beside that it also features byte to byte comparison for better results. It can also run scans on local and HDD/Folders on the network. If you are looking for a free and capable solution, we would highly recommend you to give Clonespy a try.

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This is the name we all have heard of. Ccleaner is a really capable utility, you can clean up the disk space, clean up the registry and many more. In the tools it also have a duplicate files finder tool. Though it is the part of a bigger program , duplicate file finder in the CCleaner is not that capable. There are no MD5  comparison. You can scan the files for name, type, date, modified date and content. Ccleaner has the byte to byte option but it is turned of by default.


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