Best Encrypted And Secure Messaging Apps for Android & iOS

Privacy has become the most talked about concern in today’s world. We get to hear a lot of stories about data leaks, privacy, and internet surveillance by government agencies. Question about privacy was raised when Facebook found itself in Cambridge Analytica data case. Apart from social media, chat is another great way to stay connected […]

Best Video Streaming Services in India: Which One is Best for You?

In past couple of years, video streaming services in India have flourished so much. All thanks to lower data prices and expansion of digital India .campaign. We can also thank Reliance Jio which shook the market and forced its competitors to lower the data prices. According to reports, India has the best data rates around […]

Top 10 Best Compact Laptops & Ultrabooks in India for 2018

When we look at the tech in past 2 years, smartphones are getting thinner and the screens are getting bigger, bezzles are also shrinking. Same goes for the laptops. Ultrabooks and compact laptops are gaining popularity in recent times. Apple set this trend by introducing MacBook Air and everybody followed. Today we have featured packed, […]

Top 6 Best LibreOffice Alternatives For Linux

LibreOffice is one of the most popular productivity and office suite for Linux distros. Many popular Linux distros publish it with LibreOffice pre-installed. Productivity is one of the most important things when it comes to an operating system. And talking about the operating system, Linux is also most popular among enthusiasts. If you have used […]

Top 12 Best RSS Readers for Your Mobile

Top 12 Best RSS Readers for Your Mobile Device

As of 2018 RSS is not that popular it is used to be. It is considered one of the best way to catch up on your favorite content spread around the web. The Internet has millions of site. Back in 2013 when Google got rid of Google reader, there was the rise of many great […]

best secure encrypted email providers for 2018 1

Top 6 Best Secure Encrypted Email Providers for 2018

Privacy is one of the biggest concern in today’s connected world. We hear so much in news about iCloud hacks, email hacks, and other privacy-related stuff. Most of us use, Gmail, Yahoo mail or outlook. If you get your emails from your ISP there are those too. But how secure or how private are those? Turns […]

Best 20 Photo Editing Apps For Your Device

Best 20 Photo Editing Apps For Your Device (2018)

Not all of us can enjoy the luxury of owning an iPhone X, Google Pixel or any flagship phone with amazing cameras. We have to make do with, what we have. The most common issue with the standard smartphone is its camera. We may not always get kind of results in photos that we want. […]

best malware removal tools

Best Malware Removal Tools for Windows in 2018

Windows computers are prone to malware and adware, In 2018 itself we have seen infamous  Meltdown and Spectre. If we talk about the importance, single malware is more than enough to clutter your everyday workflow. In the age of digital currency and AI, it is important to secure your device from any kind of malware and […]

Top 5 MacBook Air Alternatives You Can Buy

Apple World wide developer conference was last month. Among other important announcements Apple silently upgraded the MacBook air with 5th gen processors. Although MacBook Air is the most popular computer made by Apple ( In terms of sales ), there is no doubt that it is ageing. Originally MacBook Air was unveiled by the Steve […]