Top 6 Best LibreOffice Alternatives For Linux

LibreOffice is one of the most popular productivity and office suite for Linux distros. Many popular Linux distros publish it with LibreOffice pre-installed. Productivity is one of the most important things when it comes to an operating system. And talking about the operating system, Linux is also most popular among enthusiasts. If you have used […]

Block cryptocurrency browser mining 2

How to Easily Block Cryptocurrency Browser Mining (Step By Step Guide)

In 2018 we all know what cryptocurrency is? We have all seen boom of Bitcoin and wished we had invested in it when we had the chance. As the cryptocurrency got popular so did all the other things related to it. GPU prices went up like crazy, ASIC is also rising in price, Scams related […]

Top Web Browser for Linux

Web browser are essential part of any smart device. Now a days TVs comes equipped with web browser and they are crucial part of life. Now when it comes to linux it is important to choose the best and stable one. If we take a look at the available ones, there are many browsers to […]