Paid Android Apps For Free: How to Legally Download?

Who doesn’t like free stuff and if a premium thing is available on discount or for free. It is the best feeling. This post is for those people who are looking a way to get paid android apps for free ( Legally ). One of the biggest advantages of Android Phones is that you can […]

Best Encrypted And Secure Messaging Apps for Android & iOS

Privacy has become the most talked about concern in today’s world. We get to hear a lot of stories about data leaks, privacy, and internet surveillance by government agencies. Question about privacy was raised when Facebook found itself in Cambridge Analytica data case. Apart from social media, chat is another great way to stay connected […]

Top 12 Best RSS Readers for Your Mobile

Top 12 Best RSS Readers for Your Mobile Device

As of 2018 RSS is not that popular it is used to be. It is considered one of the best way to catch up on your favorite content spread around the web. The Internet has millions of site. Back in 2013 when Google got rid of Google reader, there was the rise of many great […]

Best 20 Photo Editing Apps For Your Device

Best 20 Photo Editing Apps For Your Device (2018)

Not all of us can enjoy the luxury of owning an iPhone X, Google Pixel or any flagship phone with amazing cameras. We have to make do with, what we have. The most common issue with the standard smartphone is its camera. We may not always get kind of results in photos that we want. […]

Must Have Best Microsoft Apps for Android

There is no doubt that Microsoft makes good software. They have the biggest share in PC OS market in the world and is one of the most valuable company. Starting all this from an operating system for computer and now Microsoft is almost every section of technology. Back in days, Microsoft tired their luck with […]

Top Workout Apps to Get You Back in Shape

Top Workout Apps to Get You Back in Shape

One of the hardest thing (not only related to workout) is follow a routine and workout is probably the hardest of them all. For me personally, I have joined the gym many times but could keep up with it :P. Now when it comes to having a good physique, everyone wants it. There is nothing […]