Paid Android Apps For Free: How to Legally Download?

Who doesn’t like free stuff and if a premium thing is available on discount or for free. It is the best feeling. This post is for those people who are looking a way to get paid android apps for free ( Legally ). One of the biggest advantages of Android Phones is that you can […]

How To Stop Facebook Tracking Across Web

How To Stop Facebook Tracking Across Web and Devices ( Easy Guide )

Facebook has been in news for past couple of days. With the Cambridge Analytica fiasco, things aren’t getting easy for Facebook. Their shares have also plummeted¬†and people are also deleting their accounts. Elon Musk also deleted all the pages from Facebook including Telsa, SpaceX, SolarCity and many more. Facebook knows a lot about you, even […]

Block cryptocurrency browser mining 2

How to Easily Block Cryptocurrency Browser Mining (Step By Step Guide)

In 2018 we all know what cryptocurrency is? We have all seen boom of Bitcoin and wished we had invested in it when we had the chance. As the cryptocurrency got popular so did all the other things related to it. GPU prices went up like crazy, ASIC is also rising in price, Scams related […]

restore view image in google image search

Restore View Image in Google Image Search in Chrome and Firefox (How to)

Most of us use Google Image search on daily basis. Earlier if you click on an image there used to be five options, visit, view image, save, view saved, and share. Google removed the View Image button without any notice. And once people noticed, the internet went crazy. View Image button would directly link to […]